Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud has some hot takes which Ursi convinced him to make into a manifesto that will surely prevent both of us from getting jobs in the future. Topics include: Patch 7.26b, Lone Druid, Deny changes, the talent fiasco, tower regen changes, item drop timings, Bounty Hunter's existence, how the dota changes affect new people, overall feelings, Winter Wyvern, winning games where you lack a clear win condition, and more!

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In which Ursi and Proud discuss the abundance of changes in 7.26a, some of which don't matter, others of which matter a lot! Topics inculde: the biggest winners & losers of 7.26 & 7.26a, Proud's newfound appreciation for MKB as a damage item, last hitting efficiency, Lone Druid, Dignitas, Clinkz' big buffs, Alchemist's big nersf, Troll Warlord's existence, Necrophos 3, Sekiro, and more!

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This week on Teach Me Tuesday, Proud & Bee discuss how and when to farm as an offlaner. Also on the agenda; MMR histories, pesky Pudges & neutral items as cosmetics.

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In which Proud and Ursi discuss many things, as always. You should be used to this by now, seriously. Topics include: XCOM, Drow, Slark, Monkey King detox, Nyx Assassin, Ursi's encounter with a 4 Weaver, Crystal Maiden maybe being good, how to pick fights, the idea of 'miscellaneous damage', Ember, KotL, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Ursi and Bee get deeper into Bee's transition into an offlane player and answer a listener question on improving when you're newer to the game! Topics include: Centaur Warrunner, Dragon Knight, Sven, Crystal Maiden, how the heck Retaliate actually works, denying for lane advantages, Phantom Lancer, Nyx Assassin, and more!
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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi try desperately to make heroes that are bad into heroes that are good, but it is a fool's errand. We also discuss a new theory of drafting which helps to visualize the value of certain hero picks (see below for a visual representation made by Proud), and plenty more topics as always!



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In which Beedub and Ursi cover how to build-up your hero pool without driving yourself nuts losing games! Topics include: Queen of Pain, safe 3 picks, Magnus, Centaur Warrrunner, 'boilerplate' heroes, diversifying picks, identifying advantages/disadvantages within matchups, and plenty more!

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In which Proud and Ursi discuss their recent adventures playing a ton of Dota, both good and bad! Combo for this week was 1 Luna with 5 Oracle! Other topics include: Monkey King, Weaver trials, Pugna's popularity, KotL + Ember as a combo, Tiger King, Doom Mid, teamfight geometry, Sven builds, and plenty more!

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