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On this week's Theorycraft Thuesday Proud and Ursi are testing out some new stuff! We're covering our last couple weeks in dota, our experiences with competitive 5 stack play, our thoughts on the current 1 pool of heroes and overall 1 experience, Proud's theory of support draft balancing, and plenty more! For our combo we end up playing mid Ogre Magi with a 3 Sand King !

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are dabbling in the dark, arcane arts and rending flesh from the mortal coil of God himself. Also, we talk about the Justice Friends.

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On this week's TmT we're doing a thorough, exhaustive review of the seemingly-minor-but-actually-kinda-super-cool changes in patch 7.22C! I could add more sentences but uh... that's the whole show, it's really not that complicated.

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are iterating on their own play and doing some problem-solving! We're chatting about our very varied week in dota, Dragon Knight Agh's & Radiance builds, Warlock's ridiculousness at the moment, core Silencer, and plenty more! For our game we ended up playing 5 Grimstroke with a 2 Clinkz for the main conversation, as well as another game that we briefly discuss in which we played 1 Monkey King with 5 Warlock.

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On today's Teach Me Tuesday, Proud & Beedub talk all about ESL Birmingham; what was good, what didn't quite hit the mark and interesting drafting choices. They cover the surge in Sven picks, Death Prophet's success, questionable Io drafts, synergies with Shadow Demon, Warlock with Meteor Hammer and more!

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