Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Zac, and Ursi have some fun! Topics include: how, exactly, to make Dota 2 a fun game, what our recommendations for the top hero in each role are, Clinkz, Invoker Atos, some Dota philosophy, versatility, Dynasty Warriors, Forbidden Horse Knowledge, Disruptor, Jakiro, and more!

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On this week's Thursday Show we return to the traditional TcT format with a theorycrafted game! Topics include: Undying, Dazzle, the new 7.30 Clinkz trends, Bounty Hunter, Antimage, Storm Spirit, hero pools, Vengeful Spirit, Nightstalker, Puck in 7.30 after the nerfs, and more!

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On this week's Tuesday Show Ursi, Bee, and Zac get revenge. Topics include: 7.30b, Sven, Vengeful Spirit, our most hated items to build, the nature of build-up efficiency, pro names vs. hero names during casts, Centaur Warrunner, Pipe, Zac's grief, Sniper, Pudge, and more!

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7.30 is a huge patch full of potential and we combed through all of it in-full! We're discussing the small changes that are a big deal, the seemingly-big changes that actually aren't worth worrying about, the possibilities of some interesting changes, trends after the first day of play, and tons more!

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On this week's Thursday Show Zac and Ursi interview for the job of Dota Player. Topics include: Dawnbreaker, play consistency & growth consistency, developing/adapting specific skills into your play, Spirit Vessel, Witch Doctor, our plans for the upcoming week, Necro 5, healing, Holy Locket, and more!

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On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Zac, and Ursi decipher what, exactly, makes an Olympic pentathalon an Olympic pentathalon. Also Dota, or whatever. Topics include: replay watching, our worst roles (and whether we'll ever improve at them), Jakiro mid, Zac's incredible comeback, Bee being up a mountain, right click SF builds, fitting Dota into a busy schedule, Ursi returning to ranked, and more!

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In which Ursi and Zac return to the glory of the Thursday Show to discuss life's greatest mysteries. Topics include: Magnus' shard (and Magnus' potential, in general), a particularly hard game Zac & Ursi won, Luna, Lich, Trivia, Reading Books & Touching Grass, Secondhand detection, buybacks, patch anticipation, and more! 

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On this week's Tuesday Show Bee and Ursi spin yarns both true and untrue, wise and foolish, deep and shallow. Topics include: Pokemon Unite, Bee's Oracle homework, Ursi's Tesla Drow enthusiasm, patch predictions, quick Necrophos update, Cavern Crawl, which heroes have children, Flicker, Enigma, a new name for Ursi, and more!

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