Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast
On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi break down the core concepts of the offlane duo vs. safelane duo dynamic in our current metagame! On top of that main segment we're chatting about the worst Slark build Ursi ever willed into existence and plenty more! Hero focuses for this week are Ursi's Shadow Shaman and Proud trying his hand at Sven after some non-carry theorycrafting!
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On this week's very festive Teach Me Tuesday Ursi and Bee are covering all sorts of topics including: Ursi's project heroes, why he thinks 'project heroes' are so beneficial to improving at dota, when to abandon a lane as a support to let your safelaner get solo exp, holiday dota trends, sniper builds, non-traditional 3's, what hero abilities we would want to have in real life, and plenty more!
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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are in the holiday spirit playing Clinkz and (the newly arcana-d) Rubick! We brave the most dangerous of all hallways in our attempt to parse out, via metaphors and what very well may have been a fever dream, how to effectively lane as a squishy duo while still establishing and maintaining lane dominance, and plenty more!
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I forgot my push to talk this took so long t o edit i hope you're happy

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi breka through the hierarchy of items, cover their weeks in dota, and learn about the ultimate futility of life in a world owned and ruled by Clinkz and his skeleton army enforcers. We also attempt to play Lone Druid and KotL and do our best, which is what counts (right?!?)
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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Ursi and Beedub break through all the 7.20e patch changes in not-quite-agonizing-but-still-long detail! We also learn about how Wraith Bands are a bad influence on their peers, Tony Hawk Pro Dota Player, the ultimate April Fools play for Valve, why Magnus is so strong and how his nerfs will affect him and others, whether Death Prophet is an actual hero, and plenty more!
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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi cover their exciting last week in dota filled with all of the trials and tribulations a proper week in dota should! For our main segment we're covering the current 7.20d carry pool of 6 main carries that are really shining at the moment (Jugg, PA, Monkey King, Faceless Void, Slark, and most recently Anti-Mage)! On the hero-front Proud is playing a carry Lycan while Ursi tests out a 4 position support Omniknight!
Proud's LD:
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Tonight Valve dropped a surprise 7.20d mini-patch with a slew of nerfs, changes, buffs, and other things to talk about so we're doing a patch review ASAP! Join us as we do math (sometimes well, sometimes poorly), establish Dota 3's ability system, and plenty more!
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