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On today's Teach Me Tuesday, Proud lays down the knowledge on how to lane, itemize & fight as Juggerbean and Bee is embarrassed at her Lifestealer build. Listener questions are answered about maintaining distance from gap-closers in team fights, transformative items for supports, & what lifesteal items actually do!

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Ursi and Proud are going about their regular business this week talking about their week in Dota, Ursi's Pangolier adventures, Proud's wild recent games, Ursi learning how to properly play Terrorblade and more before delving into this week's segment on swapping lanes pre-game for advantageous matchups prompted by a game which Ursi played Tidehunter mid as a Broodmother mid counter! For this week's combo Ursi is going back to one of his old favorites who he hasn't been playing much, Disruptor, and Proud is playing around with a hot new Radiance + Solar Crest Lifestealer build!

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In this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi are going over the various support buffs and changes that came along with the new 7.09 patch and their games testing out some new things in the patch before delving into listener questions like "how to relax after you've been tilted in a game", "how best to 5 man and when to stop 5 manning", and more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are delving deep into Proud's love of Vengeful Spirit support that has led hum to a huge win streak in solo ranked! Ursi is chatting about his hatred of Razor, dislike of playing safelane, and his long win streak that has since faded into a whole lot of losses. For the combo Proud is playing Venge, of course, and Ursi is picking based on the game (Terrorblade and OD) and we all get to learn about why everyone hates Lion, that ugly mess of a hero.

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In today's Teach Me Tuesday, Bee and Proud discuss farming and fighting in pubs, Luna, Reflection, and answer some listener questions along the way. Bee may have been body snatched also but I think it's fine.

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On this week's Theory Craft Thursday Skrunk joins Proud and Ursi to chat about their 7.08 winning streaks! We're covering all kinds of different heroes from Lion to Alchemist support and other heroes that got some notable changes in 7.08. For our game we ended up playing offlane Tiny, safelane PA, and roaming Tusk (so that Ursi can redeem himself after last week) and talked about what, exactly, makes up a good team comp. All this and more on today's episode!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday, Ursi and Beedub are chatting about their experience with the new patch 7.08, Ursi's long-standing love of Rubick, Bee's newfound tryst with Rubick, which types of heroes are best to first-pick in various roles when in pubs, how to effectively balance a draft between being reactionary but not too reactionary, and much more!

Stay tuned for a Patreon-exclusive episode discussing the merits and demerits of run-on sentences and comma splices!*





* No.

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I'm very tired cause I put off mixing this but this is a patch review of 7.08 where I got really loud at Ursi and I'm sorry please know I love him very much and have sent him flowers even though he's dumb. 


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In this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are diagnosing Ursi's pub problems and figuring out just how, exactly, to actually win pub dota games! For this week's combo we're talking about roaming Tusk paired with Battlefury Troll Warlord
it's short but you can improve it lol  <--- I didn't improve it
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