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Proud and Ursi bring you their full, exhaustive (and exhausting!) 7.07 Dueling Fates patch notes review complete with all the info on the new heroes, their potential combinations, all the new items, old item changes, and the truly absurd amount of hero changes AKA why exp talents are godly, why health is better than damage, and how movement speed talents are awful in nearly all cases! On top of that we talk briefly about our official Fourth Spirit rebranding as this is our first episode as well as our partnership with Unikrn ( which enables us to make all the content we love to make!

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Cyphus is joined by EZ Mrcz for one final episode of Defense of the Patience.  They talk Dota 2, the state of esports, their favorite moments with Defense of the Patience, the great DotPeeps, and more.  Find Cyphus on twitter @TheRealCyphus to find out what's in store coming up with Dota Cinema and his future podcasting endeavors. 

Thank you all for the wild and amazing ride.  I'm going to miss it more than you know.  Good luck and godspeed!

As promised, the link to DotP's original MS Paint logo:

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Cyphus runs through an "almost" final episode of DotP that strolls down memory lane and reviews some of his favorite intros from the early days of Defense of the Patience - A Dota 2 Podcast.  He talks the stories that went into them, why they make him laugh, and more.  Check out this next-to-last episode of Defense of the Patience, a Dota 2 Podcast.

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi go in depth on the different phases of drafting, how the guidelines for captains mode apply to pubs, what makes a weak draft versus what makes a strong draft, how to abuse a weak draft, how to accentuate your strengths, and more draft advice! Afterwards they go in detail about general rules for addressing the many common problems folks run into in any given game of dota, things like addressing lost lanes, countering enemy 5th picks like Broodmother, dealing with enemy cores that are snowballing, reclaiming map control, why Tien's Tri-Beam makes a square, and much more!

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Ursinity and Beedub discuss the mid position, covering matchups, item decisions, rotations, and Ursinity's affection for mid Necro. All this and more on today's Teach Me Tuesday!

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Cyphus runs everyone through some changes regarding the DotP announcement from last week, what he'll be up to moving forward, and what the next week or two will look like on DotP.  Thanks all!

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On this weeks episode, Chessie, the carry for complexity sits down to talk about the recent success at Starladder, competing in the NA scene as well as how this new roster came about to start the season. Zrock then joins Breaky to discuss the minor events results so far and preview our first Major of the season with ESL Hamburg. All of this and more in this weeks episode of DotPro!

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On today's episode of Theorycraft Thursday Ursi and Proud talk all about their new project Fourth Spirit, what that means for TcT (hint: nothing, its staying the same!), and more before going into their week in dota, how to identify and optimize your hero choices and item choices around your allies and more! This week's combination is a 4 position roaming Slardar paired with an offlane Underlord with particular emphasis on how the two compensate for the nuance of Underlord offlane versus many other common offlaners!

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Major show announcements on today's episode.  Cyphus talks about DotP coming to a close, when and how that will all happen and the timeline for it, where you will be able to continue listening to Teach Me Tuesdays and Theorycraft Thursdays w/ Proud, Ursinity and Beedub, why this is all happening and what to expect during the final weeks of Defense of the Patience.

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BreakyCPK and zrock discuss recent roster changes and rumors, as well as preview the first minors of the season. All of this and more on this week's episode of the pro Dota 2 podcast.
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On this episode of Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursinity delve into their week in Dota 2, Ursi's adventures carrying people as a support player, common mistakes among players in the low to mid 3k bracket, common support mistakes, and more. Later they go into the combination of Nyx and Zeus, exploring how they work together and itemization/skill-builds on both heroes! All this and more on today's episode!
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Proud and LeafyPeachy dive deep into Doom's decision-making and how to recover as a struggling offlaner.

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No new episode today!  Big show announcements next Monday's episode though.  Today:

Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier joins Cyphus on today's DotP One on One to talk playing professional Dota 2 in all its various regions, his transition on Team Faceless from carry to mid lane, feeling disconnected from his family due to his decision to pursue a career in esports, and professional players' behavior in Dota 2 and the future of professionalism in the scene.  All this and more on the latest Dota 2 interview podcast.  Find Black @BlackDota2 on twitter or follow his stream at

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On this week's episode of Theorycraft Thursday Proud & Ursi focus on how to get out a Dota rut, what effects the behavior patch may have on pubs, how hard Cuphead is, and more before going on to play support Silencer with a carry Ursa as an aggressive safelane duolane! All this and more on this week's episode!

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Ursinity and Beedub try out a new one on one format of Teach Me Tuesdays where Beedub watched one of Ursi's carry games and then analyzed his decision making, why he cuts down so many trees, mistakes he made, how to steal roshan, when to draft troll vs. when not to draft troll, and much more!

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Cyphus has a quick message about changes upcoming around DotP and introduces today's re-release of a One on One recorded w/ TrentPax back in May 2017!  We hope you enjoy today's episode of the Dota 2 podcast!

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