Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

On this truly indescribable joy of an episode Proud, Ursi, and Zac gather around the campfire to discuss Dota. Topics include: WLDL Grand FInals, further Abaddon testing (and support Abaddon), Legion Commander, Vengeful Spirit, Snapfire, Zac's recalibration, Ursi's feedfest, Ranged 3's, Wraith Bands, milk, Omniknight, Holy Locket, and so much more!

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Zac and Proud are joined by guest and replacement-Sam Strilling7 to resurrect a dead format and theory craft some Thursdays. Topics include: battlefury abaddon, mechanical vs theoretical fun, multiplicative interactions, and useless bloodseekers!

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In which Bee and Ursi discuss Bee's truly marathon Dota binge. Topics include: Winter Wyvern, Venomancer, Hoodwink, Primal Beast, Jakiro (mid and support), Business Proposal, a few questions, and much more!

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On this episode Ursi runs a goofy segment entirely to its end. Afterwards Zac uncovers a full-blown conspiracy and we all become truly enlightened of the plight of the Agility core. 

Full Dota chat starts 16:45, if you are uninterested in Fun.

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On this week's Tuesday Show Ursi, Bee, and Proud play a game. Topics include: Nature's Prophet, Tiny & his Agh's, Arc Warden, grouping up, Juggernaut, Winter Wyvern, learning from pros, horses, Elden Ring, Underlord, Orchestrions, and more!

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On this week's Thursday Show Ursi, Zac, and Proud fight off three vicious Akitas. Topics include: reasons for the current pub meta, Undying, Tiny, Snapfire, Necrophos, Lone Druid, 'Algorithmic Dota', hard & fast rules, and much more!

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On this week's Thursday (Friday, sorry!) show Zac and Ursi discuss the new patch and, in particular, the new 7.31b changes! Topics include: Burnout Mode, leading from the 5 position, Naga Siren, Ability draft, Tiny, Primal Beast, Hoodwink, Null talismans, Skywrath, Techies rework, and more!

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On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Zac, and Ursi discuss their experiences with the new patch! Topics include: patch bugs, Undying, Aghanims' shard changes, Necrophos, Primal Beast, Venomancer, Jakiro, stack games, Bee's EPIC LAN experience, and much more!

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