Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

im so hongry i  cant write this right now!!!

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On this week's podcast Ursi, Proud, and Bee gather around the virtual campfire to chat about their WLDL experiences, Lars Nootbaar, and much more! Topics include: teacher stories, Bee's no good very bad time, team dynamics, Proud's quest as a mid player, underrated items, WLDL, Icefrog's next project he's been working on (Dota Musou game??), disengagement, and much more!

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Even if Sam's not on the podcast you legally cannot force me to write a description. What are you going to do? Not listen because there's no description? No one looks at these. Sometimes they're helpful for searching through though, so I'll write the words "Lina", "Ember", "WLD", and "The Talking Heads" just to throw a curveball in there. 

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