Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

Roland and Cyphus talk about their latest win streak in Dota 2, slight boosts in MMR, Roland's insistence on playing his Hero Challenge in ranked, and how Roland is hard to get now when it comes to iTunes.  They also have NoxvilleZA for Ask a Deviant on for some interesting stats discussion.  Later, Feedernoob joins the gang for round 2 of Dressing DotP, featuring Dragon Knight in this episode of the podcast.

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Roland and Cyphus chat about Invoker, cause Roland loves Invoker lately, even though he hasn't won a game with him yet.  They also talk about the upcoming Dota 2 League tournament finals in Las Vegas, underrated hero ultimates, and ask a ton of questions about how to make Dark Seer's abilities.

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Cyphus and Roland talk about some upcoming Dota 2 League Events, dress up Cyphus' Dazzle with Feedernoob, and discuss when it's advantageous to take down that big bastard Roshan.  They also feature a new song by Death Prophet and the Crystal Maidens.

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Cyphus and Roland get deep about video games, winning games despite a deficit on the scoreboard, and upcoming content on DotP.  They also do some extra content, featuring a song from Death Prophet and the Crystal Maidens.

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Cyphus and Roland are joined by Greg "WhatIsHip" Laird from HighGroundTV and 'Gerg: Live and Uncensored."  They talk about Greg's history with Dota 2, before Dota 2, and his upcoming projects in the e-sports community in the latest episode of the podcast.

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Cyphus and Roland sit down with Feeder Noob to talk about cosmetics in Dota 2, adhesives like gekko feet, and more in this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.  They also talk about their latest escapades in Amateur Dota 2 League and Roland's continuing love for Axe.

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Toffees joins Cyphus and Roland in this episode of the podcast to talk about playing well with others in the Dota 2 community, the state of affairs for North American Dota 2, and his background leading up to his involvement in the community.

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Cyphus and Roland get a chance to sit down with special guest Nahaz.  They get into how Nahaz found his way to doing Dota 2 stats, his academic career, and his personal background.  They also touch on AD2L and read a new iTunes comment.

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