Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

The Steam Group Grows! Congratulations DotP on an explosive week!  The games we're playing, Game of the Week, and JoeShmo stops by to get mounted! This week's Guild Games is all natural fruit juice now with 100% more giveaways! Hope you're enjoying the new format!

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Cyphus and Wazoo open this episode of the Dota 2 podcast with a candid discussion about rage, its origins, its reasons, its impacts on the team, and how it has been a part of their gaming life.  Then in the second half of the show, co-hosts Roland and Mista Blue both join up to add their thoughts on the subject.

We also discuss episode 7 of the show when this topic first got brought up.

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Cyphus and Roland discuss Techies and Templar Assassin on this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.  Cyphus is sick and his defenses are weakened as Roland makes an argument for why Techies deserves a spot in the Dota 2 meta.  Then he talks about specializing in Templar Assassin and offers up a few tips.  And venomous environments in pub matches is briefly touched on at the end.

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The DotP Guild is bursting at the seams! The Guild and the Games they play have officially transcended the one-game-mold of yesteryear.  Guild Chat is no more, welcome, friends, to Guild Games!
This episode lays out the reasons for the format change as well as announces some new and exciting features to be expected as Guild Games continues to evolve.  Please, join the Defense of the Patience Steam Group to get in on the action! Don't miss the Easter Egg from Guildie, Hkun, at the end!
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Cyphus and Mista Blue talk about the upcoming AD2L playoffs, a failed experiment w/ Alchemist, their State of Affairs, and more in the latest episode of the Dota 2 Podcast.

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Cyphus and Roland talk about some theorycrafting they did recently with Alchemist, how it failed, but where it might still succeed.  They go through state of affairs and then talk about the Reddit review of the podcast they've mentioned like 25 times now but never gotten to.  All this and more on the most recent edition of the Dota 2 Podcast.

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Cyphus and Mista Blue sit down for the first Thursday episode, but they are plagued by the ghost of DotP Shows Past (Roland joins for the first half of the show).  They talk State of Affairs, upcoming AD2L matches, Techies, playing support, Techies, and how they won't really miss Roland in this episode of the Dota 2 Podcast.



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Cyphus and Roland talk about some upcoming changes in the Dota 2 podcast, how hip-hop relates to Dota 2 (well, Chess, but by proxy Dota 2), losing, abandoning for the right reasons, and more in the latest episode.

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What's better than 6.84? COMPENDIUM! That's right, it's International Time!  Join EzMrcz and Ursinity as they go over some of the exciting stretch goals and unlockables in this year's International Compendium. Also, State of Affairs, that AD2L Love, and a Never-To-Be-Lived-Down Ursinity Bonehead Moment!

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Cyphus is joined by Wazoo for a special episode sans Special Feeds Intern Roland.  Wazoo talks the AD2L season, his MMR, playing carry for the DotP team in AD2L, and the difference between solo and party ranked matchmaking in this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Roland and Cyphus offer up a farewell song to Wazoo's Troll Warlord, talk about AD2L, 6.84 Dota 2, and recap the draft and play in their last AD2L games against Reverb Gaming in the latest episode of the Dota 2 Podcast.

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