Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

Cyphus and Roland get a surprise visit from Postmaster Wazoo, talk about how much Cyphus loves Pugna again, AD2L and their revised Moneyball Dota 2 strategies.  Also, we love the Dotaverse guys...check their podcast out at and tell 'em DotP sent ya.

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YOU become the Co-Host of Guild Chat in a change that rocks DotP! Please welcome first Community Co-Host, Ursinity as he and Ez talk Batrider wins, and Invoker resurgence. Also Cyphus and Roland get Chat Snatched for some in-game strategizing! Join EzMrcz with Guild Members taking up the Co-Hosting Duties each week as Guild Chat becomes all about YOU!

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Cyphus and Roland welcome patron and DotP Guild Chat host EZ Mrcz for his patreon State of Affairs reward, discuss the latest news in pro Dota 2 w/ Gorgon in What's Goin' On, and of course some DotP tourney talk.  Additionally they discuss AD2L, Cyphus' mean Pugna, and even some hero strat in this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Cyphus is joined by special guest Wazoo for a lengthy and interesting conversation about a weekend full of Dota 2, thinking about how we communicate with our team members, and how much MMR the servers owe us.  Later, Roland joins up for a quick update about his trip and upcoming events for the Dota 2 podcast.

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EzMrcz and DeNomolos announce the tournament teams, Battle of the Beard dates, and chat snatch a whole host of whacky characters on this week's DotP Guild Chat!

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Cyphus explains the upcoming week for the Dota 2 podcast and introduces this "Best of" episode from November of 2014 with special guest Nahaz.

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Roland and Cyphus talk about Roland's deep, deep hatred of Drow Ranger.  They also relive their last three games of Dota 2 on this edition of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Join EzMrcz and De Nomolos for the largest chat snatch ever! Vix, Panda, JoeSchmo, Pancakes, Fafnir, FridgeMaster, and Gorgon all get grabbed for a minute to talk Dota 2 on this episode of the podcast!  The final teams are announced for the Terrorblade Arcana Presents: The Battle of the Beard, and Ez tells you to start saving - DotP is going to TI5!

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Roland and Cyphus are joined by Brett "JoeSchmoe" Larsen for state of affairs and a special message written especially for Roland.  Later, Gorgon swings by to talk the latest in the Dota 2 Asian Cup, how cool Io is, and more in this edition of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Cyphus and Roland talk about the latest round of DDoS attacks, their impact on Dota 2, speculate about motivations, and also talk about picking the right hero for the job on this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.  Also, Wazoo makes a quick appearance near the end of the ep to complain about Roland's Techies.

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EZ and DeNomolos talk Dota 2 on this episode of the podcast, the DotP guild, bring on JoyThief for the Templar Assassin set giveaway, do an on-air five-set giveaway in addition, and Chat Snatch some DotP OG's.

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Cyphus and Roland talk about being distracted from Dota 2 and its impact on their play, introduce a new segment called Future Heroes where they talk about heroes they'd like to improve with, and finally Gorgon joins the crew for another round of What's Going on with Gorgon talking the latest in Dota 2 meta and pro news on this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Cyphus and Roland talk to Hyasiance about her Play Like a Girl experiment in Dota 2 and featured on JoinDota.  They also talk about Batman and Dota 2 cakes, a recent game, dealing with Axe creep skipping and more.  Happy New Years!

JoinDota article:

Play Like a Girl project site:!requirements/c9pg

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