Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

On this week's Someday Show Ursi and Bee get together to talk about all manner of things! Full-on Dota talk begins at ~25:00. Topics include: Bee's new PC, the 2nd season of the Dota Anime being teased, Dawnbreaker positional analysis, Ursi and Bee's recent games, Phantom Lancer lancing his way through any and all games, a listener question about Starting Gold, streaming habits, patch 7.29b highlights, and more!

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On this week's Thursday Show Ursi, Bee, and Zac get together to Live It. Topics include: conquering enemy deathballs, ganking strategy, Riki, Beastmaster as a 4, Grimstroke, Bee's recent tournament, Ursi & Zac losing pubs together, Slardar, new player inhouses, Dawnbreaker, splitpushing, ganks turning into teamfights, coordinating your pub teammates, the Labyrinthian Mind of the Dota 2 Player, and more!

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On this week's Tuesday Show we flip-flop some people around and Proud, Ursi, and Zac give their reactions to their first few days of playing the new patch, with our main topics involving the new hero, Dawnbreaker, and the general effects/changes of the patch! Topics include: the new bottle & runes, Lion, Invoker, the biggest losers or the patch, Broodmother, Phantom Lancer, Luna, Skywrath, Armlet, Lifestealer, Phoenix, Lina, Warlock, and plenty more!

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On this part of the 7.29 patch review Ursi, Proud, and Zac burn through the absolute mountain of hero changes, big and small! We're looking at the up-and-comers theat got buffed, the sad folks who got nerfed, and everything in between!

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On this part of the extensive 7.29 patch review Ursi, Proud, and Zac break through all of changes to the game, the map, the math, the new hero Dawnbreaker, item changes, and more! The hero changes are covered in the other part.
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On this week's Tuesday Show Bee and Ursi gather around the campfire to tell stories of the Singapore Major and Bee's 100 pubs she played this week. Topics include: Death Prophet support, the Singapore Major as a whole & specifically the grand finals, 4 Luna vs. 4 Zeus, support Invoker, Venomancer, an accidental calibration, the Singapore Major inciting (yet another) conversation on whether pro players all chatting is okay or not, upcoming patch predictions, and more!
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Loved Dragon's Blood? Hated it? Today we have a special extra show with Bee & Zac as they discuss their opposing views of the show, talk plot holes, debate character development (or lack of) and make some predictions for the future.
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On this week's Thursday Show Ursi, Proud, and Zac get together to perfectly balance each and every aspect of the game for the upcoming patch (you're welcome, Icefrog). Topics include: the Singapore Major, trendy heroes right now, faltering heroes right now, Grimstroke, Tusk, Arteezy Naga Siren, Spider Legs, Zac's upcoming coaching stream, map change expectations, Timbersaw, Earthshaker, Clinkz, Drow Ranger, certain mid matchups, Terry, and more!


Terry Yun Goong:

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