Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

In which Ursi and Proud break apart all of the patch changes in 7.27, how they affect the state of the game, how they interplay with various heroes, what changes are most significant, and tons more! We also learn about exchange rates of attack speed to attack damage, which heroes would make the best vampires, which heroes are now dagon users (hint: none), and more.

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On a special episode of the podcast Proud, Ursi, and Bee get together to talk about current events surrounding the overall Dota structure, how the community should hold people accountable, how different people have reacted to current events, how pro players factor into things, what the future holds for Dota as a scene, and other facets of the esports ecosystem. Other casual dota topics follow, including: Ember Spirit, Windranger, art restoration, adventures in the forest ft. gun, and a few other things!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi develop the idea between what makes a hero a 'good hero' vs. what makes a hero a 'bad hero' in a given metagame! Topics include: Monkey King, Puck as a support, Ursa, Ursi's Tinker experiment developments, Armor!!!, Anti-Mage, Naga Siren, and plenty more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi cover a bunch of mid heroes they've been playing, a bunch they aren't, and discuss getting the most out of the lane! Topics include: scheduling Dota, Tinker, aggressive buybacks, smoking, lane swaps, Jakiro, Windranger, OD, Tinker, Cavern Crawl, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi contemplate the value of a femur in a fight, the relative strength of New Jersians vs. Moose, and maybe even some Dota 2! Topics include: Mid lane maximization, Silencer as a 4 vs. Silencer as a 5, support duo synergy, Tusk, Ursa, Battlefury's transformative abilities, minus armor, Void Spirit, Jakiro, Wraith King, optimizing Clinkz for +dmg, Wand vs. casual stick, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi talk about a few mini-segments, a whole lot of week-in-dota, and end up playing a stun-heavy Chaos Knight + Lion lane! Topics include: Cavern Crawl experiences, how to learn a new hero efficiently, Luna, Helm of the Dominator, Drum, Warhammer, Raindrops, Natures Prophet, heavy harass offlanes & support duos, Zeus, Drow, Anti-Mage is a pox upon our society, 5 support rotation strategy, and plenty more!

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