Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

In this lengthy segment of our 7.28 analysis, Proud and Ursi run through every single hero change, mostly focusing on the huge new introduction of Aghanim's Shards! We're ranking what is busted, what is situational, what is worthless, and everything in-between!


You have no idea how much editing I did so we didn't talk over  each other the whole time oh my god I'm gonna die it's like 8 AM here's our patreon pay me for my suffering:

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In this segment of our 7.28 analysis, Proud and Ursi delve into the new hero, Hoodwink, the small amount of General Changes, and the huge changes to various items, the introduction of new items, the re-orienting of tier lists within neutral tiers, and more!

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On this edition of the Weekly Show Proud and Ursi get together to do their final patch predictions and do some theorizing on different concepts, suggest some hero changes, and more! Topics include: Sharpie Theory, Sven, Invoker, Kaya Manta variants, power creep & how to deal with it, the Bar Theory of Strength, Proud's first couple games back playing WLDL with Ursi, and more!

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