Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

Cyphus and Roland sit down with Zyori, host of the ZyoriTV podcast and professional Dota 2 caster, to talk about his newest endeavor with Moonduck Studios and Agency, his experience at TI5 casting the noob stream with Purge at the Main Event, and leaving Beyond the Summit in this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Join Ez and special guest Denomolos as they relive the glory days of DotP Guild Chat in the celebration episode for all things DotP Community! Remember Chat Snatch? Guild State of Affairs? How about Giveaways? It's all coming back for this awesome episode!

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Roland sits down w/ Ursinity, Gorgon the Wonder Cow, and Woodshrew from JoinDota for a careful, lengthy examination of MMR, the differences in skills, how to climb and more in this special episode of the Defense of the Patience podcast.

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Cyphus sits down w/ the ladies of their local D&D campaign: Tharsis and Evanwood.  They talk a little about the ladies, their experience with tabletop RPGs, their D&D characters, upcoming show ideas, playing Call of Cthulhu D20, and more in this episode of the gaming podcast.

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Wazoo and Blue host the first installment of Tryhard Tuesdays, a new DotP edition that tries to take a more in-depth look at being a better Dota 2 player.  Not for the typical casual player (though certain to be helpful for all).  The guys explain the purpose of the show, introduce a few segments, and talk about how important humility is in Dota 2 on this episode of the podcast.

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Cyphus, Roland and EZ sit down for a Monday episode of Defense of the Patience talking about the trench (or gutter) in Dota 2, upcoming Fall 2015 video game release dates, Star Wars: Battlefront, Rocket League Finals, Prison Servers in Everquest II, and more on the latest episode of the gaming podcast.

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Cyphus sits down with Dalimear and Tharsis for a talk about their D&D experience.  They discuss playstyles, tips and tricks for playing a Rogue, hybrid classes, the core composite of a D&D group and more.  There may also be a little talk about dragon dildos in this episode of the gaming podcast.  Tastefully of course.

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EZ and Roland sit down for a chat about Dota 2.  Cyphus is pretty sure there's a funny voicemail in this episode, but who really knows, cause EZ and Roland failed to send an episode description.  This episode might not even be about Dota 2.  It might finally be the episode where EZ and Roland leave their women and run off to Mexico to open that little cabana shop they've always dreamed of when laying awake staring at each other wistfully through the Skype cam.  Maybe all this, maybe more, in this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Roland and Cyphus are joined by long-time friend Dalimear for a talk about Dungeons & Dragons, what D&D is for newcomers, their previous campaigns and why tabletop roleplaying is a great experience in the latest episode of the gaming podcast.  Note for Experienced Players: We primarily play D&D 3.5 and all discussion is based on that specific version (we intend to give 5th a try).

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EZ, Roland and Cyphus sit down and record an impromptu show in place of what should have been an episode of Try Hard Tuesday.  Unfortunately, Roland failed to record Wazoo's track, so instead of Blue and Wazoo waxing philosophical about some high level Dota 2 strategy, you get Roland, Cyphus and EZ delving deep into Zai's return to school, YouTube entering streaming, and Cyphus' love of being pantsless, eating ice cream and watching Sex and the City.

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Cyphus and Roland sit down for a chat about Performance Enhancing Drugs in E-Sports, the latest Evil Genius team roster changes and more Dota 2 shenannigans in the latest episode of the podcast.

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EZ Mrcz sits down w/ Dalimear and Face for a discussion of their favorite First Person Shooters.

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EZ and Roland sit down for a late night chat about Dota 2, The International 2015, and how Roland needs a mother when travelling.

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Roland sits down w/ gaming enthusiast, FPS master and long-time friend Dalimear for a getting-to-know session talking gaming and more.

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Cyphus and Roland talk about "crashing" the Crummy Wizard Bar Crawl last week in Seattle while attending TI5.  They tell the story of the night and play clips with interviews featuring: Toffees, SirActionSlacks, Capitalist, Blitz, Sheever, Nahaz, Greg "WhatIsHip" Laird, Fly from Team Complexity, ppd's girlfriend, Ashnichrist, DotPeep Dylanoid, and so many more!

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Cyphus, EZ, Roland and Wazoo all sit down together in-studio for a look back at their amazing TI5 experience.  They talk what they did, the games, the future of Dota 2 and esports, and how everyone is apparently Roland's biggest fan.  They also talk meeting all the amazing DotPeeps like MistaBlue, Chaos, Dylanoid (we owe you drinks!), King of Dew (and the lovely Queen of Dew), Nameless, BradSwagWagon and more!  Thanks to all for putting up with us for a full year of Dota 2 and gaming content and here's to another great year!

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DotP is at TI5 and Roland leads the charge w/ Tascam in hand to record a ton of interviews capturing the TI5 Hype!  We hear from ppd, March, Sir Action Slacks, Nahaz, Zyori, Toffees, and other TI5 personalities!  We also get out and chat with the fans to capture the unique stories behind the people in attendance at TI5. 

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Cyphus, EZ, Roland and Wazoo join forces for a stellar road trip to TI5, and you're invited along with us.  We talk TI5, get detoured by a wildfire, argue about the predetermination of existence.  It's late...we're tired.

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Cyphus, EZ and Wazoo sit down for a recap of the day's TI5 games (spoilers), their predictions for upcoming games, what they're loving about this TI, and what they wish they had known about Dota 2 when they first started playing the game as noobs on the latest edition of The International 2015 week podcast.


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EZ joins Roland live and in-studio at DotP HQ.  Cyphus writes these descriptions and wasn't there.  So because Roland and EZ didn't record until like 3 a.m. and failed to send an episode description, he has no idea what they actually talked about and feels obligated to post the ep before listening to it.  He's guessing they mostly talked about how sexy Cyphus is in person and his Adonis-like male presence that exudes both brooding mysteriousness and pure testosterone.  Probably some Dota 2 as well since we're all headed to TI5 together.  Check it out and let him know how close he was to accurately describing the latest episode of this TI5 Hype Podcast.

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Cyphus and Roland talk TI Plans, new recording equipment, this week's lineup of shows, the DotPeabodies, and their predictions for the upcoming TI5 Upper Bracket.

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Cyphus, Roland and EZ sit down for a chat with the creator of Dota 2 Reporter, Brian Calland from Wronchi Animation, who returns to the show for a chat about the upcoming TI5, creating a short film for the Dota 2 Short Film Contest and more!  Check it out for some TI Hype on this special bonus Saturday episode of TI Hype Week on Defense of the Patience.

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