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In this episode of Defense of the Patience, the gang talks about statistics in Dota 2 with special guest Brian Peddie (Phage) from High Ground TV and stat house Standard Deviants.  Cyphus explains his discoveries, and Wazoo's correctness, about Crystal Maiden's ult.  And Roland challenges Cyphus on the podcast to further Defend his Dota Dissertation on using Blink Dagger over Force Staff with Crystal Maiden.

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The gang has a discussion about being better players focused on attitudes in Dota 2 team play. Cyphus, Wazoo and Roland discuss the ways in which they all rage when playing and the tribulations faced in trying to overcome those negative aspects of their own play. They also discuss the pros and cons of using a Blink Dagger on Crystal Maiden over a Force Staff and play a lively round of Worst Way to Die.

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The gang welcomes Jordan Hansen from Amateur Dota 2 League to discuss the regular tournament held for amateur players.  The gang also Guesses a Hard Counter to Juggernaut and talks the upcoming big New York City Dota 2 tournament.

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Roland is reunited with the gang after his trip and a long weekend of Dota 2 for Wazoo and Cyphus. They chat about their games, talk vision and terrain in the strategy segment, and a little more about the blame-game. They play Guess a Hard Counter and Worst Way to Die to give away some swag.

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Cyphus makes some show announcements about the show's schedule, talks about how he came to play Dota 2, his background, and what he'd like to discuss on the podcast.

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Cyphus, Wazoo and Roland are joined by Dota 2 caster Gorgon the Wonder Cow.  Gorgon talks time zones, casting and participates in a round of Guess a Hard Counter (which Cyphus totally wins by totally not cheating at all).  Later, the gang plays Worst Way to Die: Listener Edition and offers some consolation prizes.

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Cyphus, Wazoo and Roland talk at length about Naga Siren (including Roland's unhealthy infatuation with her), upcomind DotA 2 heroes, initiating team fights like noobs, and a round of butchering Legion Commander's background.

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Cyphus, Wazoo and Roland crack wise about DotA 2, lag, laning, circumstances to leave lane and how it mostly depends on one's job. Another fun round of Guess a Hard Counter as well as Guess the Hero's Background. This week, Shadow Shaman.

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In the inagural Defense of the Patience podcast, hosts Cyphus, Wazoo and Roland talk about DotA 2 team structure. The gang also introduces the basic mission of the show, a few games, and offers up some free Nature's Prophet swag for anyone willing to delve into the "Boots debate" with Roland in the Defend Your DotA Dissertation segment.

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