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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi go through the brand new patch, 7.18, and highlight the most important changes that'll be affecting all our pubs in the upcoming weeks! Some highlights include the changes to lots of early-game laners getting increased mana costs, Doom getting a brutal movespeed nerf, Enigma's Midnight Pulse getting changed around, and plenty of other small nerfs & buffs! For heroes this week Ursi is playing Offlane Enigma and Proud's working out his Safelane Sven!

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This week on Teach Me Tuesday, Bee & Proud go over a whole bunch of support heroes! They talk about what makes good picks, what a support needs to help your team, which supports aren't so hot this meta and so on. Listener questions answered this week cover item builds on CK & his abilities, what to pair Shadow Shaman with & Aghs on Gyro.

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud & Ursi are doing an in-depth look at the heroes enabled by our now-settled 2-1-2 metagame! Notably, we're talking about Undying, Skywrath, support Zeus, Silencer, Nightstalker, all the offlane cores that are shining at the moment, and plenty other heroes that are trending! We're also covering some casual dota chat like the most painful ways to lose, Phantom Assassin, and more!

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Bee's out this week with the plague so Ursi is doing a quick solo Q&A followed by this week's Patron casual show from all 3 hosts that covers a bit of everything! We'll be back to usual on Thursday!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi go back to the classics and aggro duo as Necrophos annd 4 Windranger! We're also covering our calibration results, how early-season mmr uncertainty skews game quality/results, Dead Lanes, annoying people to death, how to win even if you're in a bad mental state from the start of the game, and plenty more!

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On today's Teach Me Tuesday, Proud & Bee briefly go over their recent calibrations and the new 7.17 Patch. The main topic this episode is all about drafting; how to pick the best heroes for your team and avoid counter picks! They also chat about itemization on Dragon Knight & Troll Warlord, what to do if you get two cores in one lane and go on a tangent about Bloodbourne.

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are going into a whole slew of topics including: why Luna is so strong at the moment, our recalibration strategies, a Wraith King carry game Ursi threw together, why buybacks are so strong in the mid-game, Proud's reassessment of the metagame after watching a bunch of Super Major, and plenty more! For our hero focus we're mostly covering 4 Naga Siren and how that functions in a team comp, specific pairings that work well with it, and Proud plays Monkey King to illustrate a particularly strong safelane pairing!
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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Beedub and Ursi are talking about a ton of different items and the nuances to itemization orders! In terms of heroes we're focusing on Zeus and Bane, particularly Bane's nuanced usage of Nightmare, as well as Ursi's traitorous dislike of Venge. As far as larger topics are concerned, we're delving into the wonderful world of disassembling items and the efficiency it builds into your play, starting items in the various roles & the accompanying rationale for various starting set-ups, the relative value of Medallion vs. Solar Crest, fitting weird offlaners into team comps, a brief explanation of the LOONAverse, how to zone effectively, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud is back from Birmingham so we're covering his time there, the Birmingham Major trends, and all that. Ursi's covering his week in dota as well featuring mostly Zeus and occasionally other things, Proud's getting back into dota after a travel-induced break in this wonderful new world of +4 base damage 7.16, and plenty more! For our combo we opted to run Rubick and safelane Lone Druid, Proud tested out this new NoTail build that's more hero-focused!

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