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Proud and Ursi are covering each and every change from 7.12 this week in place of Theorycraft Thursday! Is CM swole now? Do we still hate Undying? Why is every change +/- 30 mana? Let's all find out what will ruin our pubs and what to spam this patch!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are covering all the top picks in each position for you to round out your battlecup team this weekend! Ursi's on a losing streak but is fixing it by playing a bunch of Shadow Fiend so we're going into why SF is so strong at the moment and Proud is playing around with the new Meteor Hammer Arc Warden build! ALl this and more on this week's show!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday a vacation-inspired Beedub is joined by Ursi to talk extensively about Ancient Apparition, Ursi's current love and Bee's newfound interest! Bee is in Greece on vacation (holiday) so we're chatting a bit about hero lore before delving into the ins-and-outs of playing AA as a 5: when to pick him, when not to pick him, how greedy to be, how to best use his ult, and more! For the listener questions this week we're covering zoning offlaners (or admitting you cannot zone them) as a support and how to deal with a variety of different zoning-related scenarios that commonly pop up, we're also gonna talk about the virtue & reasoning for double Null or double Wraith Band on mid laners! Also, we learn about the history of Daylight Savings time, for some weird reason.

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Description: On this week's episode of Theorycraft Thursdays your hosts Proud and Ursi are chatting all about their experiences in the last week of dota playing with random pro players, Ursi losing mid to Puck over and over, Proud enjoying Lifestealer, and more! We're also getting into some of the pros and cons of Dota Plus as well as Proud's theory behind why playing support is so effective at climbing in ranked! For the hero combo this week Proud is playing Sven, a somewhat passed-over hero who is still strong, and Ursi's playing everyone's favorite punching bag, Crystal Maiden!

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ugh let me sleep

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Update: fixed it, team. full epizode is there now


On today's episode of Theorycraft Thursday Proud & Ursi are getting into their last 2 weeks in dota including pro players Proud runs into, Ursi's naming-based superstitions, and more! For our segment this week we're chatting about what to take into consideration when you're picking heroes in each of the 5 roles/positions in both the early stages of pick phase and the later pick phases! As our combo this week we're playing mid Lina with safelane Wraith King, taking full advantage of the skeleton talents that got buffed in 7.10!

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On today's show Ursi and special guest Migs are making their best attempt at manning the ship while captain Beedub is dead in the water without internet! We're focusing on 7.10 changes, carry rotations around the 8-12 minute mark, what makes a good support vs. a bad support, and more before breaking into listener questions like 'when to skip big items?', 'how to get reinvigorated to enjoy dota again after a break?', and our opinions on the support vs. core balance trends!

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proud and bee talk about terrorblade who is very good right now boy howdy is he good

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