Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast
On this week's podcast Ursi, Proud, and Zac discuss the new mini-patch 7.33b and some observations after their experiences playing this long-awaited update! Topics include: Medusa, neutral camp routes & farming pattern changes, the changing nature of gold balance on teams, twin gates strategies, ranking of the new map elements, Phantom Lancer, hero trends overall, blood grenade, the Universal Role adjustments, diadem, waveclearing supports, harpoon, things to look out for, and much more!
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Aight this one wasn't as bad but I bought a new mic for next week. 

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Hobbes knocked my good mic into the trash and then the trash got taken out so now I have my less good mic and Arian is here so we recorded with an open mic and goddamn this was miserable to edit my god. Don't be mad at Hobbes though he's really cute. Anyway part 2 comes soon this just took like 3 hours to edit so I'm a sleepy little guy now good night everyone. 

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On this week's show Proud, Ursi, and Zac gather to do a deep dive into a few recent WLDL matches. Topics include: Phantom Assassin, Medusa, OD, Embert Spirit, Doom's current state, Force Staff, different types of hero combo interactions, Riki, Tidehunter Meteor Hammer, and much more!


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