Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

Zac and Ursi chat! About Dota! What a concept! Topics include: the support meta, Phantom Assassin, Huskar, Dragon Knight, Vision differentials, Dazzle, a game Zac & Ursi played, which heroes would be the best & worst baseball players, and much more!

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Ursi and Proud recorded a patreon Dota Deep Dive on Lion this weekend and we were so happy with it we wanted to post it here! 

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We talk about the infamous "Tree Trick" maneuver, hero dynamics in the ultra lategame, Dawnbreaker carry, and things of that nature. 

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Proud and Zac run through the new iteration of patch 7.31 - patch 7.31d, as well as the new Battle Reports system and other new changes! 

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Zac and Bee slip in a podcast right before the patch. Topics include: the curse of playing ranked, feelings about the current meta, gambling, the stockholm major, predictions, and a few questions, finally.

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Proud and Zac record a surprisingly good podcast, given the circumstances. Topics include: Patch Announcement, International 11 Format, Night Stalker, FearDarkness "Clinton" Loomis, Small Items, BKB, and Carry Consistency.

Someone was taking a shower right next to my mic for a bit there SORRRY

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