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Offlane LD might be busted also but if the mids and carries move away from tanks with stuns LD will probably be a worse offlaner.

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On this week's podcast Ursi and Proud craft together. Topics include: Queen of Pain, Spectre, Warlock, widdling & woodcrafts, Lone Druid w/ double diffusal, Slark, tall Iranian men, Monster Hunter Rise, WoW's new Season of Discovery, goals for next week, and more!

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Blew my ears out at a show like an hour ago so if the sound is bad it's because I can't hear so you're not allowed to get mad at me, actually.


On this week's post-TI podcast Ursi, Bee, and Proud decide how to market the game. Conversations include: Muerta, the TI experience, Ursi's LAN experience, Grimstroke, Weaver, Shadow Shaman, the most marketable composition, the debut of a new segmne,t the Onceler, and so much more!

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