Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

On this week's Teach Me Tuesday a vacation-inspired Beedub is joined by Ursi to talk extensively about Ancient Apparition, Ursi's current love and Bee's newfound interest! Bee is in Greece on vacation (holiday) so we're chatting a bit about hero lore before delving into the ins-and-outs of playing AA as a 5: when to pick him, when not to pick him, how greedy to be, how to best use his ult, and more! For the listener questions this week we're covering zoning offlaners (or admitting you cannot zone them) as a support and how to deal with a variety of different zoning-related scenarios that commonly pop up, we're also gonna talk about the virtue & reasoning for double Null or double Wraith Band on mid laners! Also, we learn about the history of Daylight Savings time, for some weird reason.

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