Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

Cyphus is joined by EZ Mrcz for one final episode of Defense of the Patience.  They talk Dota 2, the state of esports, their favorite moments with Defense of the Patience, the great DotPeeps, and more.  Find Cyphus on twitter @TheRealCyphus to find out what's in store coming up with Dota Cinema and his future podcasting endeavors. 

Thank you all for the wild and amazing ride.  I'm going to miss it more than you know.  Good luck and godspeed!

As promised, the link to DotP's original MS Paint logo:

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Cyphus runs through an "almost" final episode of DotP that strolls down memory lane and reviews some of his favorite intros from the early days of Defense of the Patience - A Dota 2 Podcast.  He talks the stories that went into them, why they make him laugh, and more.  Check out this next-to-last episode of Defense of the Patience, a Dota 2 Podcast.

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