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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Beedub and Ursi are covering the brand new patch 7.19, how to counter Phoenix & Morphling, analyzing Bee's recent pub losing streak, Ursi becoming relaxed & zen this week in his pubs, and plenty more! For listener questions we're covering efficient mango usage, why Aquila is so OP, when to buy gems, Octarine Core in general, whether or not we should bother investing time into Enchantress since she's strong right now, and how best to survive on a deserted island.

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are going over a whole slew of observations about the recent metagame, their observations from watching day 1 of The Summit, why Phoenix is a god, Ursi's attempts to make 4 Kunkka work again, Proud's attempts to make LD work again, Proud playing with Jenkins, and plenty else! For heroes we're covering Crystal Maiden in depth, especially the whole mystique around her +250 attack speed talent, and Wraith King, who loves his kids!
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This week’s episode is all about Spectre! Proud sheds some light on Bee’s recent Spectre games and what went wrong/right with haunting, itemization, farming & more. They also discuss high ground pressure and when to back, big ults with big cooldowns, what to do when you team takes bad fights, how to avoid Skywrath’s wrath & what to do when heroes are missing.

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are going about decribing exactly what the idea of 'flow of the fight' is and how that impacts your late game decision making regarding items, talents, and even hero choices from the get-go! After our regular Week in Dota segment we're focusing our hero specific segment on carry Bloodseeker (all applies to mid BS as well) who's real strong at the moment as well as 4 Pudge played by Ursi who discovers the wonderful, terrible, gore-filled world of Pudge!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Beedub and Ursi are delving into the nuance of dishing out harass from an aggressive perspective as well as what to do when you're getting seriously harassed from a defensive position. We're also covering all those weird talents like Crystal Maiden's +250 Attack Speed and when they're actually useful, the difficult choices between Aeon Disk, BKB, & Linkens, why Ursi's salty about Purge's Crystal Maiden video, and plenty more!

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Description: On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are going into some specific maneuvers & techniques that you can put into your play for an edge! We're also chatting about our last 2 weeks in dota, Proud's newfound offlane position, Invoker fears, Dragon Knight bullying, and plenty more! For heroes we're playing Phoenix as a support and Tiny as a safelane carry and exploring how they work with their flexible positioning and strength as a pairing!
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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Beedub and Ursi try out a brand new segment for the first time, centered around picks & counterpicks, before going into a full explanation of Ursi's idea before the 4 archetypes of Win Conditions that we talk about on the shows all the time! For questions we cover a bit about broodmother, a bit about dagon, Nova Scotian money pits, what the differences between 4's and 5's are in this 2-1-2 metagame, what each of the numerical roles translates to in terms of actual heroes, and more!

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