Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

Ursi and Proud talk The Town (not the movie) craze, their weeks in Dota 2 and then test this week's laning combo: Sven and Silencer.  Find out how the boys did on the latest episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Woodshrew is out sick, but Korean BBQ is still going strong with special guests Roland and DotP guildie Grouty.  They're talkin' Arc Warden, how to play him, how they've been winning with him and more.  Check it out on the latest episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Blue and Wazoo sit down for another Tryhard Tuesday, the show where they talk being a tryhard in Dota 2.  This week's episode brought to you by Try Hard: With a Vengeance, in theaters now.  (This was Cyphus' attempt at writing a show description in spite of the fact that he forgot to ask Wazoo and Blue what it was actually about.)

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Cyphus and Roland sit down for another discussion of their recent gaming.  They talk some Dota 2, using Arc Warden as support, and then shift gears to a good MMORPG.  They talk their history with MMO's and what they think would be required to make the best MMO.

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Cyphus, Roland and Wazoo sit down for another DotP Christmas episode after kicking it all off with a dramatic reading of "The Grinch Who Stole Patch Notes" feat. David "LD" Gorman as The Grinch!  They talk Arc Warden, support invoker, DotP memories, Christmas plans and more in the latest episode of the Dota 2 Podcast.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at DotP!

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Ursinity and Proud talk about their success in the first week or so of Dota 2 6.86 before getting into their first theorycraft combo of the new patch: Jakiro and Dragon Knight (Double Dragon...or triple depending on how ya count).  Find out how the combo worked in the latest episode of the Dota 2 podcast!

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Join Korean BBQ as he and special guest co-hosts Ursinity and MistaBlue help him tackle the second half of the patch notes covering hero changes M-Z, new items and changes since the patch launch.  All this and more in the latest episode of the Dota 2 podcast and Dota 2 6.86 patch analysis.

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Wazoo, Blue and Roland team up once again to discuss Dota 2 in the era of the 6.86 patch, what their pubs have been looking like and then the trio makes some bold predictions about what we will be saying about the patch by its end.  All this and more on the latest episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

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Roland and Cyphus talk a little Star Wars: The Force Awakens (with spoilers), Dota 2 and how Roland loves Arc Warden (and his Ogre Magi jungle), why Cyphus loves Elite Dangerous and more in the latest episode of the DotP Podcast.

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Spoilers about Star Wars: The Force Awakens are in this episode.  Cyphus and EZ sit down for a lengthy talk about the latest Star Wars movie and talk their thoughts and feelings about it, Star Wars in general, spoilers, theories and more!

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Proud and Ursinity take a look at their personal favorite and least favorite things about the Dota 2 6.86 patch.  They talk some highlights and do a little generalized theorycrafting about where this patch will take us as it kicks into gear.

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Get ready for the long haul and join KBBQ and Shrew as they tackle the first half of the Dota 2 6.86 patch notes, covering the general patch notes, terrain, and A-M in hero updates in part 1 of a DotP exclusive, extensive patch analysis.

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Roland joins Blue and Wazoo for a special edition of Tryhard Tuesdays.  They look back at Dota 2 6.85 and their previous episode about their predictions for the patch.  They see how they did and give the patch a retrospective analysis in preparation for 6.86.

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Cyphus and Roland sit down for a discussion of their Dota 2 gank squad: running Ancient Apparition and Earthshaker as roaming supports in Dota 2.  Later, Cyphus discusses Elite: Dangerous and how much he's enjoyed it before they rapid fire the news and close out the show. 

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Ursinity, Cyphus and Wazoo sit down for a lengthy discussion of Fallout 4, its improvements over previous Fallout games, its drawbacks, their favorite aspects and more before giving the game their individual ratings.

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Ursinity and Proud take on a bold theorycraft in the latest episode of Theorycraft Thursday: Kunkka/Queen of Pain.  The twist?  A support Kunkka.  Find out how it fared on the latest edition of the Dota 2 Podcast.

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Korean BBQ and Woodshrew are back for some more Dota 2 pro scene coverage with another edition of the Wednesday Show...thoughts on Wannabe Wednesdays anyone?

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Wazoo and Blue are joined by Gorgon once again for another edition of Tryhard Tuesdays!  This week, they talk taking a break from ranked and the virtues of not trying hard sometimes to be an effective tryhard in Dota 2.

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Since Cyphus is an inept recording studio partner, you get to enjoy this DotP Classic episode featuring Austin "Capitalist" Walsh talking about his past and how he came to enjoy and contribute to the scene surrounding Dota 2.

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Ursinity and Proud tackle a new pub combo in the latest episode of the Dota 2 podcast: Tiny and Bounty Hunter.  This week the two try out a roaming lineup in a crazy game involving a 6k player on the opposing team.  Could the Theorycrafters hold their own?  Find out on the latest episode!

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KoreanBBQ and Woodshrew sit down for another edition of the yet-to-be-named Wednesday DotP addition covering pro Dota 2 news and action!  This week they talk Dream Hack, the Loda/Richard Lewis drama, and more pro Dota 2 happenings in the latest episode of the podcast.

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Blue and Wazoo sit down for a chat about the most infamous of all neutral creeps: Roshan.  They talk who should Rosh, who shouldn't, what they need and more.  Later, Gorgon the Wonder Cow stops by for another look at how the pro scene impacts the pub scene.

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