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Wazoo and Roland sit down with long-time friend Sam, a League of Legends player with several thousand games under his belt, for a special edition of DotP which looks at the differences between League of Legends and Dota 2, examines misconceptions held by opposing game players about the other game, why one has more players (LoL) while the other has more money (Dota 2), and tries to find a little MOBA common ground.  All this and more in the gaming and Dota 2 podcast!

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Enjoy this DotP classic episode from Thanksgiving 2014 featuring an Ask a Deviant segment with Noxville ZA and Dressing DotP w/ Feedernoob.

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Join Ursinity and Proud for a special Thanksgiving episode of Theorycraft Thursdays.  The two discuss the heroes they're thankful for in a special theorycraft session, test the combo, and let you know how it went!  Check out the replay of the game on

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Korean BBQ and Woodshrew join DotP for a new Wednesday show on the DotP network of gaming and Dota 2 shows.  The new show will feature coverage of professional Dota 2 from Korean BBQ, a frequent translator at professional Dota 2 events and a pro Dota 2 insider, and Woodshrew, an e-sports writer who worked with JoinDota and provided their TI5 coverage.  Check out their inaugural episode talking the Frankfurt Majors.

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Wazoo, Blue and Gorgon get together to discuss the Frankfurt Major and all its glory. Listen as the boys discuss the state of the game, little tricks for your next pubs, why dual mid lanes were so popular and how to combat them, alchemist builds, and more!

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Cyphus Roland and EZ hit the twitch stream again with another live DotP Monday episode talking about OVerwatch, Hearthstone, Jessica Jones, foam fighting (battleguard) documentaries, and more!  Plus an exclusive show announcement: This Wednesday DotP will feature a new pro-centric release featuring Dota 2 personalities Korean BBQ (kbbq) and Woodshrew talkin' all things Dota 2 pro-related.  Check out the stream next week at

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This week Ursinity and Proud go over their thoughts about the basics of drafting using a few example games, both pro and amateur!  They focus on what makes a draft strong in Dota 2, what makes it weak, reactionary drafting versus leading the draft and more!  All this week on the Dota 2 Podcast!

Links to Drafts Discussed on the Show:

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Ever wonder when EZ made his first appearance on DotP?  Well wonder no more!  Here it is for your listening pleasure.  Also featuring an early What's Going On w/ Gorgon!

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Blue and Wazoo tackle draft analysis this week in conjunction with Theorycraft Thursday and welcome back Gorgon for another look at how the pub meta is influenced by the pros.

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Roland, EZ and Cyphus present a show recorded live on for the Monday episode, and plan to do more in the future that way!  They discuss Fallout 4, negative armor in Dota 2 and Gorgon the Wonder Cow's article on about it, CS:GO sound issues, PornHub's decreased viewership, and more in the latest episode! 

(Don't Come Walkin') Around My Tombstone:

Gorgon's DotaBuff article:



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In honor of the completion of another great Amateur Dota 2 League season for the DotP Tryhards, we present this DotP Classic featuring MalystryxGDS from JoinDota and Tryhard semi-support JoeShmo!  Crash and Burn! 

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Ursinity and Proud tackle the latest laning combo: Legion Commander and Witch Doctor.  They talk their expectations for the game, the synergy between the two heroes, builds, item selection and more, then take the combo to the lanes.  Find out how it went on the latest episode of the Dota 2 Podcast.

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Enjoy this DotP Classic with Brian "ThisIsWronchi" Calland from Dota 2 Reporter talking his work on the staple Dota 2 animation series he writes and animates.  All this and more on the latest episode of the Dota 2 Podcast.

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Wazoo and Blue are joined by Gorgon for a discussion about the pro meta and its impact on pub meta, Slardar and other Dota 2 goodness.  Before that, the two hosts get into a discussion about Hand of Midas and its proper usage in pub games.

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Reinessa joins Cyphus and Roland on today's episode.  Cyphus and Roland talk poker, playing Doom, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more.  Later after Reinessa joins, they talk her work on Too Long; Didn't Read (TLDR), a Dota 2 news show, the Digital Chaos drama surrounding their leaked scrim games and the infamous chat logs, and more.

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In honor of Andrew "Soviet Dancin' Bear" McIntire's fearless leadership with the Extra Life Charity stream on behalf of the DotP community, we present to you this DotP Classic featuring one of Soviet's first appearances on the show as well as Cyphus and Roland talking some Dota 2 trilanes as noobs, for noobs.

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Ursinity and Proud tackle another round of theorycrafting in this episode of the Dota 2 podcast.  This week, they take on Slardar and Dazzle.  Find out how the game went and remember to check it out at

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In this DotP Classic episode: Cyphus and Roland are joined by Ursinity for some Dota 2 talk, and later they get a visit from everybody's favorite postman, Wazoo.

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Blue and Wazoo sit down for another episode of Tryhard Tuesdays talking the jungle as a resource, how to approach it in various roles, when to stack and more.

Links discussed in the episode:

Creep Stacking:

Creep Map:

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EZ Mrcz joins Cyphus and Roland for a revitalization of the Monday episode, which features news, a new Roland song (more generalized), Bob Ross talk, giant pumpkins, the DMCA ruling about old games online, Community Corner, and so much more.

DMCA Ruling:

Giant Pumpkin in Peoria, Arizona:

Dota Brews:

Nanyang Results:

Minecraft Mines of Moria:

Bob Ross on Twitch:

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