Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

DeNomolos and EZ lay out the Terrorblade Arcana Presents: The Battle of the Beard.  Also, Ursinity hones in on the sorry state of a teamless Medusa in All Hero Hell on this edition of the Dota 2 Guild podcast.

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Cyphus and Roland talk state of affairs, Cyphus' love of Riki and hit up Broodmother again.  Then Gorgon swings by to talk about the recent news in pro Dota 2, current meta, and why Broodmother sucks.  Also, Lich gonna have your mana.

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Cyphus and Roland are reunited with Wazoo once more!  They talk about Wazoo's state of affairs in Dota 2, the state of the podcast, and have a ton of laughs.

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DeNomolos finally admits Tinker is an item-dependent hero.  EZ talks about the guild reaching 200+ members.  And several guildies pop in from the Defense of the Patience mumble chat to say hello while playing Dota 2 so EZ and DeNomolos can bug them. 

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Cyphus and Roland welcome Gorgon back for another segment of What's Going on with Gorgon in this episode of the podcast.  Gorgon talks the recent changes in 6.83 Dota 2 and sparks an interesting dialogue on the state of the Dota 2 scene and e-sports at large.  Wazoo swings by briefly and helps out with the intro!

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Roland and Cyphus are joined by Shane Kimbrell for a discussion about YouTube and what's to come on that front for the podcast in the coming weeks.  Then Feedernoob joins the crew for another round of Dressing DotP...this time JoyThief's Templar Assassin gets a makeover.  Finally, Roland and Cyphus close the show by explaining why this episode of the Dota 2 podcast is so damn late.

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EZ and DeNomolos talk stormpocalypse on the west coast, the Defense of the Patience Dota 2 guild, a little strategy and more in the inaugural episode of the DotP Guild Chat podcast.

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Roland and Cyphus talk about an upcoming addition to the show, have Gorgon the Wonder Cow back on the podcast to talk about the latest in Dota 2 meta and news, and playing Dota 2 with new players.

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Cyphus and Roland sit down with special guest Vix from the DotP Guild for some talk about an upcoming Dota 2 tournament in the DotP guild on this episode of the podcast.  They also welcome back Feedernoob for another round of Dressing DotP, this time Invoker.

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Cyphus and Roland welcome DotP JoeSchmoe to the podcast to talk about the Defense of the Patience Dota 2 guild.  Then Gorgon swings by for more What's Going On with Gorgon, talking about new meta and strategies.  Finally, Malystryx lets us know about the nominees for a the JoinDota end-of-year awards.

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Cyphus and Roland welcome EZ Mrcz and DeNomolos for a chat about playing together under the DotP banner.  Feedernoob stops by again for another Dressing DotP segment.  This time she dresses up EZ's Juggernaut...thank the omnipotent one because it was getting embarrassing running around with that guy.

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Cyphus and Roland sit down with Eric "EZ" Marcuz, the DotP Guild Leader, to talk about the guild, the upcoming tournament in January, and everything else shakin' with EZ in Dota 2.  Then they have Gorgon the Wonder Cow back again, but this time for a new segment: What's Goin On with Gorgon talking about the latest happenings in the Dota 2 community.

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