Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Ursi, and Zac break through a whole bunch of mini-segments, some listener questions, and more! Topics include: deriving fun from Dota (a video game, meant to be fun!), specific sources/kinds of tilt, play skill differentiation, Aghanim Shards, Arc Warden, Gleipnir, Juggernaut, mangoes, playing Dota with your real-life friends, and more!

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On this week's Thursday Show Zac and Ursi discuss the status of invisibility in the game at the moment and go over some past projects, plan out some new projects, and more! Topics include: Magnus, long games, Lion, the recent carry pool, Slark, Sven, Medusa, 'soft commitment', Aeon Disk, Gems, Phantom Assassin, and more! 

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On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Zac, and Ursi get their teeth stolen by a sneaky lady. Topics include: Ursa, the Battle of Waterloo, dealing with Techies, Winter Wyvern, Dark Willow, Centaur Warrunner, an hour long Sniper game, support Invoker, team comp/synergy damage-type limitations, and more!

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On this week's Thursday Show we make very important show announcements! We also talk about Dota, of course, focusing on Bristleback mostly! Topics include: important show announcement(s), support Invoker, Bristleback theorycrafting (lots of it!), Shadow Fiend, Zac's winning streak, overconfidence being punished, Video Game Resumés, Pudge, Meepo, and more!

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On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Ursi, and Zac get together to fix Dota 2. Topics include: Winter Wyvern, Vengeful Spirit, Pudge, Kotl combos, Bee's Big Day, pub management, Dota psychology, highgrounding, and much more!

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On this week's Thursday Show Zac and Ursi break into some new project heroes, go over some recent trends, and much more! Topics include: Spectre, Razor, Ursi & Zac's recent games together, Zac's ranked progress, core lion, Meepo (?!?!), Bounty Hunter and his shard, Tinker, Chaos Knight, Mars, Legion Commander, Sniper, Necrophos, and more!

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On this week's (theoretically) Thursday Show Zac and Ursi get together to deal with Ursi's hot take: Necrophos is worse for the game than Techies. Other topics include: DPC League updates, Slardar as a carry, Centaur Warrunner, Faceless Void, Gleipnir, Lina, Nyx, map changes, Sniper supports, Necrophos potential, Lion, and much more!

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On this week's Someday Show Ursi and Bee get together to talk about all manner of things! Full-on Dota talk begins at ~25:00. Topics include: Bee's new PC, the 2nd season of the Dota Anime being teased, Dawnbreaker positional analysis, Ursi and Bee's recent games, Phantom Lancer lancing his way through any and all games, a listener question about Starting Gold, streaming habits, patch 7.29b highlights, and more!

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On this week's Thursday Show Ursi, Bee, and Zac get together to Live It. Topics include: conquering enemy deathballs, ganking strategy, Riki, Beastmaster as a 4, Grimstroke, Bee's recent tournament, Ursi & Zac losing pubs together, Slardar, new player inhouses, Dawnbreaker, splitpushing, ganks turning into teamfights, coordinating your pub teammates, the Labyrinthian Mind of the Dota 2 Player, and more!

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On this week's Tuesday Show we flip-flop some people around and Proud, Ursi, and Zac give their reactions to their first few days of playing the new patch, with our main topics involving the new hero, Dawnbreaker, and the general effects/changes of the patch! Topics include: the new bottle & runes, Lion, Invoker, the biggest losers or the patch, Broodmother, Phantom Lancer, Luna, Skywrath, Armlet, Lifestealer, Phoenix, Lina, Warlock, and plenty more!

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On this part of the 7.29 patch review Ursi, Proud, and Zac burn through the absolute mountain of hero changes, big and small! We're looking at the up-and-comers theat got buffed, the sad folks who got nerfed, and everything in between!

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On this part of the extensive 7.29 patch review Ursi, Proud, and Zac break through all of changes to the game, the map, the math, the new hero Dawnbreaker, item changes, and more! The hero changes are covered in the other part.
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On this week's Tuesday Show Bee and Ursi gather around the campfire to tell stories of the Singapore Major and Bee's 100 pubs she played this week. Topics include: Death Prophet support, the Singapore Major as a whole & specifically the grand finals, 4 Luna vs. 4 Zeus, support Invoker, Venomancer, an accidental calibration, the Singapore Major inciting (yet another) conversation on whether pro players all chatting is okay or not, upcoming patch predictions, and more!
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Loved Dragon's Blood? Hated it? Today we have a special extra show with Bee & Zac as they discuss their opposing views of the show, talk plot holes, debate character development (or lack of) and make some predictions for the future.
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On this week's Thursday Show Ursi, Proud, and Zac get together to perfectly balance each and every aspect of the game for the upcoming patch (you're welcome, Icefrog). Topics include: the Singapore Major, trendy heroes right now, faltering heroes right now, Grimstroke, Tusk, Arteezy Naga Siren, Spider Legs, Zac's upcoming coaching stream, map change expectations, Timbersaw, Earthshaker, Clinkz, Drow Ranger, certain mid matchups, Terry, and more!


Terry Yun Goong:

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On this week's "Tuesday" Show Bee, Ursi, and Zac get together to discuss team compositions, personal improvement, chip buttys, and more! Topics include: optimal hero choices vs. comfort hero choices, the All Hero Challenge, the SIngapore Major so far, dead lanes, our favorite dota youtubers, underrated sandwich fillings, developing team comps with particular synergies, and much more!

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On this week's Thursday Show Proud, Zac, and Ursi run through the new New Player Experience patch that released mid-podcast and then play a game with a support tidehunter inspired by a couple pro games that makes for easy wins! Topics include: Grimstroke, Tusk, Slacks' tutorial, a very sad Alchemist, and so much more! Survey Link:

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On this week's (Teach Me) Tuesday Show Bee and Ursi gather to make some exciting show announcements, talk about the Dota Tutorial that's now out, and a lot more! Topics include: Tsunami, Juggernaut being banned all the time, Clockwerk, playing with limited hero pools, ranked with stacks, Ursi's recent party wins, carry playstyles right now, Mirana, Phantom Assassin, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi try out a new format: developing new builds in real-time, batting around ideas, talking about the theorycrafting process itself, outlining a few heroes to test out over the next week, crossing potential theories off the list, and plenty more! Some topics include: Leshrac, Kunkka, Mars, Doom, Gyrocopter trends, Slark, which positions are more ripe for innovation than others, theorycrafting limitations, styles, and more!


My audio got messed up at the end sorry friends I tried to fix it up

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday we learn about Beedub's great service to our Dota Society and some interesting updates to her hero pool! Topics include: Ursi winning again, Carry Feelings, tiktok recipes, Nyx, 4 Zeus, Shadow Shaman, Silencer, Bee as a burgeoning 4 player, Overwatch system results, Glimmer Cape, Force Staff, and more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are joined by a special guest, Zac, who introduces us to a numbers-based analysis of Dota in the past vs. Dota now and introduces us to an interesting new mid Dark Seer build he's been working on! Topics include: various Arcane Blink interactions, Ability Draft, Puck, 'Scarcity' as a Dota theme in the past, item balance over time, Tinker, 4 Invoker, Ursi winning again (huzzah), Dark Willow, Seximal systems, Dark Seer, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Ursi and Bee bumble around in their regular style that you all know well by now. Topics include: hangovers, Techies (philosophically and otherwise), Ursi's inability to play Bloodseeker, OD, Puck as a 5, Tinker's aghs being fixed, Bee breaking Valheim, swift blink Juggernaut, couriers, cosmetics, the relic changes, Runescape, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi try their best to remain on-topic with Dota but can only control themselves so much before deviating to talk about 100 other things. Topics include: Bee's perspective on the Dota animation series, a quick 7.28c patch review, support mirana successes, VALHEIM, Ursi's success infecting Bee with the kdrama plague, solo ranked experiences, game quality overall, Dark Willow, Nyx, Sange & Yasha, and more!

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On this week's show Proud and Ursi discuss the Dota Video Game Animation Series, whether it's an anime (spoiler: it's not), who they want to see in it, what effects they expect it to have on the overall game, and also all kinds of regular Dota conversation! Topics include: the Dota show, 4 Death Prophet, Puck without blink builds, smurfs, Overwatch, the new player experience, possible changes coming to the game in the next few months, 4 Sniper, unsatisfying differences within itemization on carries, Mirana, Spectre, Aghanim's Shards, a very questionable Axe build, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi discuss a bunch of their shared games, some of Bee's work expanding her hero pool, Ursi's frustrations with certain games/heroes, and more! Topics include: Weaver, Mirana, Maelstrom vs. Desolator, Hoodwink's ideal position, Ursi's KotL hate, Anti Mage, Omeleto, Shadow Shaman, stack games, Outworld Devourer (Destroyer? Demolisher? God only knows.), and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi get into a whole slew of different topics, mostly focusing on examining & expanding Bee's carry pool! Topics include: Earthshaker, Drow, Venge, autopiloting in games, driving, who can start with boots, Mirana, Weaver, and more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi chat about their recent dota games, some trends they're seeing, and end up playing Lycan & Disruptor due to a Jugg ban after a healthy conversation on Jugg builds. Topics include: Spiritbreaker, Nature's Prophet builds atm, Venomancer, Battlefury, role queue supremacy, Ursi returning to solo ranked, Lycan, ending games, hitting a wall, Mirana as a carry, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi talk about everything. Topics include: optimizing your play as a melee 4, Bee & Ursi's stack games, Riki, carry pool options, kill stealing (securing?!), Ursi rejoining solo ranked briefly, Nyx Assassin, and tons more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi theorycrafting many things, not just Dota! Topics include: ideal weapons for TV bullies, Hoodwink (still), 3 Wyvern, Silencer, Riki, the 3 role in its current iteration, Dazzle, Blind vs. Evasion, Warlock, Sand King, Lycan, Puck, and plenty more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi get together and Ursi converts Bee into the cult of Hoodwink Players. Topics include: Bee's truly incredible amount of Dota-playing recently, 5 stack mentalities, Juggernaut builds, learning new heroes as a concept, Hoodwink specifically, greedy supporting, witch blade, hard games, Nyx Assassin, and so much more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi evaluate quite a few different heroes, meta elements, and parse through them like archaeologists with brushes robbing tombs. Topics include: Swift Blink trending, Ursi's hot take about Force Staff, Timbersaw, team comp trends revolving around magic damage & fluidity-of-fighting, Crystal Maiden, Ancient Apparition, Proud's thesis on Necronomicon, a DK build question, OD meteor hammer trends & application, mid Hoodwink, Japanese dramas, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me (Wed)Tuesday Proud, Bee, and Ursi gather around a dumpster lit-aflame to talk about a variety of things which are mostly Dota! Topics include: DPC viewing changes, Ursi's Winter Wyvern mid spam, Riki, Bee's Dragon Knight struggles, stack games, Turbo, Techies, Pentaedged Sword-blade-thing, the Cenegenics man, Terrorblade, the wild world of phones, and more!

guys going oooOOO

weird brits

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi gather around the fireplace to tell a tale of glorious victory against the forces of evil. Topics include: Riki, Ursi's Void Spirit spam, Mirana, Nyx Assassin, Assault Cuirass, the process of 'Girth Leveraging', Proud's undying love of Heart, Dragon Knight, batarangs as a practical weapon, Bane, Lifestealer, and more!

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On this week's return to Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi get together to dive further into the new patch, develop some new projects, and more! This week's hero combo is a 3 Bristleback using some of the new items and support Lina taking advantage of Fluffy Hats! Topics include: Riki trends, Troll Warlord Aghanim's Scepter, Death Prophet, no stun offlaners, Abaddon, Shadow Shaman, Sven nerfs, Luna in various forms/positions, elevators, and plenty more!

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On this return to Teach Me Tuesday Proud, Bee, and Ursi get together to jump around all their games from the patch and develop their theories on what to make of the patch! Topics Include: various Aghanim's Shards, Terrorblade, Phantom Lancer, Hoodwink, smooth brain positions, Dota Prom, Dota guide critiques, Ogre Magi, Weaver, developing an understanding of the mid pool between niche mids, traditional mids, and more!

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In this lengthy segment of our 7.28 analysis, Proud and Ursi run through every single hero change, mostly focusing on the huge new introduction of Aghanim's Shards! We're ranking what is busted, what is situational, what is worthless, and everything in-between!


You have no idea how much editing I did so we didn't talk over  each other the whole time oh my god I'm gonna die it's like 8 AM here's our patreon pay me for my suffering:

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In this segment of our 7.28 analysis, Proud and Ursi delve into the new hero, Hoodwink, the small amount of General Changes, and the huge changes to various items, the introduction of new items, the re-orienting of tier lists within neutral tiers, and more!

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On this edition of the Weekly Show Proud and Ursi get together to do their final patch predictions and do some theorizing on different concepts, suggest some hero changes, and more! Topics include: Sharpie Theory, Sven, Invoker, Kaya Manta variants, power creep & how to deal with it, the Bar Theory of Strength, Proud's first couple games back playing WLDL with Ursi, and more!

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On this week's Weekly Show Ursi and Bee are playing a whole lot of Dota in a whole lot of different ways with a whole lot of different people! Topics include: 5 stack strategies, learning new heroes, teaching friends, Aghanims suggestions, judging game states, OD aghanims, Zeus with aether lens, Leshrac, Manta, WLDL, Dota For Kids, new announcements for Dota, and more!

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On this week's so-far-unnamed Weekly Show Proud, Bee, and Ursi combine their brains to optimize their dota games! Topics include: Reintroducing people to Dota, Ursi's WLDL games as a carry, Weaver, Drow, What to do once you've taken the enemy mid tower early, Manta, Sven, Luna, Monkey King, Chess, RTS games, and more!

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On this week's Weekly Show Proud and Ursi are at it again doing whatever it is they do. Topics include: the long-awaited Diretide event, cosmetic overload, a Kunkka guide request from a listener, interview shows, the next Dota patch's approximate timing, Ursi getting back into playing more Dota thanks to the WLDL, stupid sexy boats, and more!

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On this week's Weekly Show Proud, Ursi, and Bee chat about the new Dota community update blog post, and plenty more! Topics include: Proud's new form of poetry, Ursi & Bee's game, dota 2 pro player trends, recalibration changes, Dota's update schedule, new heroes, the new player experience, Silver Edge, Wait King, Dota Plus changes, Death Prophet, Naga SIren, and more!

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On this week's new weekly wednesday show Proud, Bee, and Ursi get together to talk about Dota & everything else! Topics include: ghost hunting in West Virginia, small rotwn living, how the Native Americans were the first Confederates, Genshin Impact, Dota games we played together, Dota Underlords, Bee's weird dreams, The Walking Dead, Ursi's bad relationship with Outworld Devourer, and more!

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Ursi and Proud are making a quick (well, not really) announcement of some temporary show changes for the time being given our recent disinterest with the current patch, personal schedules, and other factors. Simply put: we'll be moving to a once-a-week, 3-person podcast format instead of the long-running TcT/TMT split 2-person podcast format. All three of us think that this change will be the best way to make the best shows for everyone, rather than forcing out content that isn't up to our standards. We also talk casually about our gaming philosophies, go a bit more into detail about Dota specifically, talk about other games (Hades, Genshin Impact, Baldur's Gate 3), and some more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi get together to craft the next TI before finalizing it with Valve as the new creative leads. Please pay us, mr. gaben. Topics include: Ursi & Bee getting cheesed by a 5 Dagon comp, next TI predictions, COVID pro dota changes, battle pass retrospective, Alchemist, Phoenix, Genshin Impact, and plenty more!
October 5, 2020
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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi get together to chat about various Dota things which leads them into a larger conversation about the potential for the next major patch, when it'll come, what changes we want to see, what changes we expect to see, and more! Topics include: Vengeful Spirit, Luna, Luna with a magic build (!), Genshin Impact, Hades, why blocking safelane is potentially lane losing from the get-go, hero pools, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi get together to bask in the glory of Eul. Topics include: Monkey King, Outworld Devourer, Snapfire mid, Snapfire support, Snapfire aghs, Snapfire lore, Snapfire's lizard, Eul's on carries, Batrider, laning dynamics, Hades, and plenty more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee plays an 80 minute game and Ursi and her go through it, figuring out what went wrong, what went right, and more! Topics include: Zeus (surprise, surprise), Dune, dealing with smurfs, Invoker, Bee's upcoming charity PUBG tournament, Nyx, the nature of long games & why the end up as long games, and plenty more

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In this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi return to form, playing heroes they love, trying new builds, and thinking about Dota! Topics include: warding value in the current support meta, Hot Wheels, Monkey King, Rapier, Nyx Assassin, Diffusal Blade Winranger, Terrorblade, Mask of Madness carry trends, Dune, How to do literally anything on the map in a stalemate, and tons more!


My external cooling fan was on during the recording so my audio is shit but I learned some neat new tricks and got it listenable because that's just how much I care about you ;)

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi offer up approximately 900 opinions, at least 3 of which are guaranteed to make you, specifically, unhappy with us. Topics include: Bee's Phoenix experiment continuing, Sniper, Ursi's vitriolic dislike of Zeus, various food opinions, what the hell Bovril is (?), which dota heroes would be picky eaters, deli sandwiches, what the best vegetable is, and tons more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Ursi is joined by Bee while Proud is on sabbatical, uncovering the mysteries of various tombs. Topics include: 3 position Bloodseeker trends, Bee learning Phoenix, Ursi's experiments with OD as both a 3 and a traditional mid, drafting around unique offlaners, the wonders of Snowdonia, and tons more!

Direct download: tct-9-9-20.mp3
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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Ursi converts Bee into a Phoenix player, also we talk about other things. Topics include: MVP calculations, Venge's laning phase, regional bbq/party games, what heroes are the most universally fun for people, Dota peripherals, Sven issues, Ursi feeding on Axe, Sniper, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi get together to do one thing and one thing only: talk about dota two. What else would we be doing, anyway? You should know what this podcast is by now everybody. Topics include: 7.27d mini patch, Faceless Collaborators, Drow, Dragon Knight, Magnus, experimenting with some Monkey King ideas, our highlights of the new patch, Arc Warden, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi talk about Dota, as always; Ursi has some hot takes, Bee has some developments in her hero pool, and tons more! Topics include: Arc Warden, Venomancer (mid and support), Skywrath Mage, Grimstroke, dealing with Spectre & Sniper, communication nuance, Overwolf, Procrastination, Ursi testing out a few things to vartying degrees of success, and more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi get together to explore communication in Dota before playing a pub in which Ursi reaches his final form by playing 5 position Tinker. Topics include: Dragon Knight as a carry, Axe as a carry, Arc Warden, Leshrac 5, playing fully muted, All chat, balancing farm around the map, converting core heroes into support heroes, and more!

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or a description

Direct download: tmt-8-18-20.mp3
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I filtered most the noise out but as a result my voice has certain tones removed and it sounds bad but it's this or nothing so don't email my wife

On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi break into a whole bunch of games, topics, and more after their hurricane-forced week off! Topics Include: Tiny mid builds by Topson, Horizon Zero Dawn, a math-filled evaluation of bottle, Spectre, Sven, Daedalus, Ursi abandoning games, Puck as a 3, Luna, bad support movements being worse than no support movements, and more.

Direct download: tct8-14-20.mp3
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In which Bee and Ursi clock back into the podcasting mines and talk about their last 2 weeks of pubs, life, and everything else! Topics include: books (we're smart now!), Grimstroke, Windranger, magic damage juggernaut, Puck, Amish pretzels, Raddlers, Fall Guys, ranking our 3 Most Fun Supports, Silencer, a few duo queue games Bee and Ursi played together, and more!

Direct download: tmt-8-12-20.mp3
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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi get into details about salvaging bad lanes through jungling, jingling our way to victory, and plenty more! Topics include: Magnus mid, Sven, Snapfire, managing counters to various heroes during a draft, Drow wins for Ursi, Omniknight, Glimmer Cape on cores (?!), tangoes vs. salves, Elder Titan, PA as a mid, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee is joined by Ursi to talk about her recent games, his recent games, your recent games, and everything else. Topics include: Immortal 2's, Pugna, Viper, Luna, Drow Ranger, Gyrocopter, Devolution by Max Brooks, Moths, Toxicity in pubs, core Silencer vs. support Silencer, pub team comps, irrational fears, making dumplings, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are joined by Donnie, @ElevatedDota, formerly of Dota Alchemy and Pvgna, to talk a bit about everything Dota-related! Topics include: Viper, Heaven's Halberd's strength right now, Tinker, the updated/changed Bloodseeker, Dota burnout, bracers/wraiths/nulls, Spectre's many itemization options, Tusk as a 5, new Sven, Doom, the content creation process as it relates to Dota, and plenty more !

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi play around with the fun new roguelike game mode, Aghanim's Labyrinth, cover their new business ventures, and also talk a bunch about regular Dota also! Other topics include: a return to mid Juggernaut for Ursi, Aghanim's Labyrinth hero balancing, AL strategies, Void Spirit struggles, Cactus Facts, brains melting, 7.27c patch notes, Axe, and more!

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Proud and Ursi pull apart the brand new patch 7.27b in typical Fourth Spirit fashion! There's a whole lot of math, a whole lot of new hero ideas, excitement for nerfs & buffs, and tons more in this very long, complicated new patch!

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Well how about it?

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi develop their understanding of different mid matchups, predict some changes in the next patch, and plenty more! Topic include: Spectre, Drums, Natures Prophet, Ursi gettingh back into Invoker, aggressive mid matchups vs. defensive ones vs. farming ones, playing against Kunkka lanes, item changes, more Tinker from Ursi, Monkey King, new Veil, and more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi discuss their tons of games in the new patch, 7.27! Topics include: trendy items, trendy heroes, Spectre, Dark Willow, spell lifesteal, mid hero pools, carry Tusk, the new Anonymous feature, the new draft phase dynamics, Helm of the Dominator, Drum, Voodoo Mask, FLEX MONEY, and plenty more!

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In which Ursi and Proud break apart all of the patch changes in 7.27, how they affect the state of the game, how they interplay with various heroes, what changes are most significant, and tons more! We also learn about exchange rates of attack speed to attack damage, which heroes would make the best vampires, which heroes are now dagon users (hint: none), and more.

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On a special episode of the podcast Proud, Ursi, and Bee get together to talk about current events surrounding the overall Dota structure, how the community should hold people accountable, how different people have reacted to current events, how pro players factor into things, what the future holds for Dota as a scene, and other facets of the esports ecosystem. Other casual dota topics follow, including: Ember Spirit, Windranger, art restoration, adventures in the forest ft. gun, and a few other things!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi develop the idea between what makes a hero a 'good hero' vs. what makes a hero a 'bad hero' in a given metagame! Topics include: Monkey King, Puck as a support, Ursa, Ursi's Tinker experiment developments, Armor!!!, Anti-Mage, Naga Siren, and plenty more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi cover a bunch of mid heroes they've been playing, a bunch they aren't, and discuss getting the most out of the lane! Topics include: scheduling Dota, Tinker, aggressive buybacks, smoking, lane swaps, Jakiro, Windranger, OD, Tinker, Cavern Crawl, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi contemplate the value of a femur in a fight, the relative strength of New Jersians vs. Moose, and maybe even some Dota 2! Topics include: Mid lane maximization, Silencer as a 4 vs. Silencer as a 5, support duo synergy, Tusk, Ursa, Battlefury's transformative abilities, minus armor, Void Spirit, Jakiro, Wraith King, optimizing Clinkz for +dmg, Wand vs. casual stick, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi talk about a few mini-segments, a whole lot of week-in-dota, and end up playing a stun-heavy Chaos Knight + Lion lane! Topics include: Cavern Crawl experiences, how to learn a new hero efficiently, Luna, Helm of the Dominator, Drum, Warhammer, Raindrops, Natures Prophet, heavy harass offlanes & support duos, Zeus, Drow, Anti-Mage is a pox upon our society, 5 support rotation strategy, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theory Craft Thursday Proud and Ursi chat about the developing Battle Pass and the trend of carries who excel at poking and prodding, rather than traditional bursty hard carries! Topics include: Personas vs. Arcanas, more Troll Warlord hate, Brewmaster, Venomancer, Ogre, Maneater, Dark Willow, Lifestealer, Clinkz, late game itemization, Sange & Yasha, and plenty more!

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This week on Teach Me Tuesday/Wednesday, Bee & Proud give their thoughts on everything in the Battle Pass! They also discuss a wild Lycan game & Bee's first attempt at playing Timbersaw and what items to get.


Sound's a little fucked cause of trains and stuff, sorry friends I did my best.

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi discuss a couple near-perfect team comps, a whole lot of reflection on the game right now, predictions for Battle Pass, Legion Commander, Clinkz, Lifestealer testing, why Ursi's CK experiment is done with, and plenty more!

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In which Bee and Ursi pull apart a bunch of 3 vs. 1 matchups, learn to differentiate between agressive + defensive lanes, go on a bunch of tangents, and more! Topics include: Timbersaw, the Monster Effect, cooking muscles, Centaur Warrunner, Bane, relaxation in Dota, Bonsai, Brewmaster, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Proud and Ursi talk about how Spell Prism outperforms every other neutral item, supporting is real weird, numbers are nonsense, and more! Topics include: Clinkz, Pudge, Illusionist's Cape, Spectre, Feeling behind when you're ahead, courier metagame, starting items, Orb of Venom, Void Spirit, Templar Assassin matchups, missing hooks, playing 'frontliners', and plenty more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday/Wednesday, Proud & Bee delve into the concept of creep skipping and how to pull it off when you're having a rough offlane. They also discuss how caring about dota is hard, Spider Legs are actually boots, how to counter Snapfire, Bane & Winter Wyvern things, and whether drinking caffeine makes you win.

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In which Ursi and Proud cover all the recent meta developments, their reignited love of Ability Draft, and try out Wraith King 3 alongside 4 Tiny! Topics include: Lone Druid, Ursi throwing Sven games, how impossible it is to push a tier 2, Lone Druid, Monkey King, mid Dazzle, ability draft, long games, Wraith King's differing function as a 3 or a 1, Clinkz, and plenty more!

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In which Ursi is joined by semi-regular-but-still-special guest Migs to meander about a few highlights from 7.26c, a few misconceptions, larger laning changes developing after deny changes, and the weird reality of 4 Sniper being trendy in pubs! Other topics include: PA Coup de Grace talent, evasion talents, core Sniper builds, Juggernaut, new player adjustments, quarantine haircuts, World of the Married, Windrangers with bashers, and more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud has some hot takes which Ursi convinced him to make into a manifesto that will surely prevent both of us from getting jobs in the future. Topics include: Patch 7.26b, Lone Druid, Deny changes, the talent fiasco, tower regen changes, item drop timings, Bounty Hunter's existence, how the dota changes affect new people, overall feelings, Winter Wyvern, winning games where you lack a clear win condition, and more!

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In which Ursi and Proud discuss the abundance of changes in 7.26a, some of which don't matter, others of which matter a lot! Topics inculde: the biggest winners & losers of 7.26 & 7.26a, Proud's newfound appreciation for MKB as a damage item, last hitting efficiency, Lone Druid, Dignitas, Clinkz' big buffs, Alchemist's big nersf, Troll Warlord's existence, Necrophos 3, Sekiro, and more!

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This week on Teach Me Tuesday, Proud & Bee discuss how and when to farm as an offlaner. Also on the agenda; MMR histories, pesky Pudges & neutral items as cosmetics.

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In which Proud and Ursi discuss many things, as always. You should be used to this by now, seriously. Topics include: XCOM, Drow, Slark, Monkey King detox, Nyx Assassin, Ursi's encounter with a 4 Weaver, Crystal Maiden maybe being good, how to pick fights, the idea of 'miscellaneous damage', Ember, KotL, and more!

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On this week's Teach Me Tuesday Ursi and Bee get deeper into Bee's transition into an offlane player and answer a listener question on improving when you're newer to the game! Topics include: Centaur Warrunner, Dragon Knight, Sven, Crystal Maiden, how the heck Retaliate actually works, denying for lane advantages, Phantom Lancer, Nyx Assassin, and more!
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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi try desperately to make heroes that are bad into heroes that are good, but it is a fool's errand. We also discuss a new theory of drafting which helps to visualize the value of certain hero picks (see below for a visual representation made by Proud), and plenty more topics as always!



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In which Beedub and Ursi cover how to build-up your hero pool without driving yourself nuts losing games! Topics include: Queen of Pain, safe 3 picks, Magnus, Centaur Warrrunner, 'boilerplate' heroes, diversifying picks, identifying advantages/disadvantages within matchups, and plenty more!

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In which Proud and Ursi discuss their recent adventures playing a ton of Dota, both good and bad! Combo for this week was 1 Luna with 5 Oracle! Other topics include: Monkey King, Weaver trials, Pugna's popularity, KotL + Ember as a combo, Tiger King, Doom Mid, teamfight geometry, Sven builds, and plenty more!

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Edit: Fixed how awful the quality is, damn sorry friends.


On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi do a fusion dance and become one. Topics include: Death Prophet's strength, 7.25b quick review, Blademail, expanding the 3 pool, different pushing archetypes, Weaver, Monkey King Bar, Monkey King himself, Dragon Knight, Pugna, Meepo, and plenty more!

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On this week's return to Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi exlpore Bee's re-entry into Dota, have some epiphanies regarding play, positions, and more, reassess some theories, talk about common problems we're running into, and plenty more!

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In which Ursi and Proud recap their first dozen-or-so games of the new patch 7.25/7.25a and play the newly-buffed Gyrocopter alongside a 5 Tusk to cover niche, hyper-situation 5 support synergies! Other topics include: Snapfire's new aghs, Juggernaut builds, Lion, Manta vs. SnY, Bane, Lion, Weaver, the new pick phase structure and its implications on meta, and plenty more!

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My mic's kinda messed up at the start but we're just talking about owls or something feel free to skip forward a couple minutes idk

In which Ursi, Proud, and Bee analyze the full patch notes for 7.25! We have debates about the new picking order, do lots of Math, develop their owl impressions, HP regen, all the hero changes, and plenty more !

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi develop their pool of heroes in this patch! Topics include: building crit items on Phantom Assassin, Bristleback, Luna, the value of weird niche counters like needing to turn heroes around, Silencer, attack range actually being valuable, 3 Meepo (?!), Spirit Breaker's hidden value, and more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thurs-Fri-Day Proud and Ursi break from their cocoons and become beautiful butterflies, only to die 7 days later. Topics include: Bristleback (as a carry!?), Crystal Maiden, new ranked badges explained, Phantom Lancer, Earthshaker, enabling Storm Spirit, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi get together to reassess their feelings about pro dota thanks to the new and exciting DPC changes, review patch 7.24b's nerfs to our favs and not-so-favs, chat about their week playing a whole ton of different heroes, discuss their love of blademail on any-and-all heroes, their time playing some old-favorite heroes (like Pangolier) and newly-favorite heroes (like Snapfire), and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi find a way to play 4 Queen of Pain. Topics include: Blademail, Crystalys, Lifestealer, Ursi throwing Kunkka games, Snapfire (as always), Lion, Meepo, Morphling, Witch Doctor's place at the moment, draft phase mindgames, which heroes may be furries, Midas, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thurs(Fri)day Proud and Ursi get together to go back to basics, playing a classic lane combination! Other topics include: more Snapfire chat, Astronauts, Lich, Phantom Assassin, dropping out of high school, Big Momma Britain, Morphling, Kunkka, casual Crystalys', support Pugna rising in popularity, Clinkz, and plenty more!

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On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi discuss: Morphling, common trilane hazards & pitfalls, Outworld Devourer, Shadow Shaman being utter trash, Riki being the opposite of that, predictions for 7.24a minor changes, Meriweather Lewis, the irrelevance of Night Vision talents, Snapfire' prevalence, and more! For our game we played 3 Slardar with 4 Rubick!
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On this week's Theorycraft Thurs (Mon) Day Proud and Ursi get to react to the new patch and its small-but-fun changes! For our focus we played Grimstroke 5 with Sven 1 and loved it! Other topics include: Spectre, Juggernaut's return to our hero pool, neutral item slots, wrestling, Grim Dawn, Sonic, and plenty, plenty more!
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Ursi and Proud get together to review the exciting new patch 7.24! We do a full run-through and get into all the details, test some theories, and get excited to play a whole lot of new things!

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