Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

On this week's SPECIAL FRIDAY release, we learn all about many things that we want to learn about, I am sure. Zac's power went out the next day, it is very sad for him. What is the worth of a life? Unknowable. What is the worth of a life without meaning? Nothing. If your death can give meaning to others, do you not feel a responsibility to give up your "nothing" for another's "something?" If a proud knight takes up a blade of divinity only to forsake those they mean to protect, should they not fall on it? What is something worth if it cannot function as it intends?  May your blood nourish the earth that cradled you. The sword can only "give" in this way. Perhaps another can meet the measure of their own charge. Or perhaps not. [Dark-Souls-NPC-Laugh.ogg]


Someone send Sam a picture of two different kinds of rodents please. As different as possible, he said it's urgent you do this. 

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