Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

We did it!  Congratulations to The Guild - you have GROWN!  Now, it's time to celebrate!  Join EzMrcz and a Very Special Community Co Host as they knock out some State of Affairs and get right to the GIVEAWAYS!  Who's walking away with a DotP Set?  Find out on this week's Guild Chat. We would like to extend a very special thanks to The DotP Guild for being such an awesome place to play!

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Roland and Cyphus talk about Roland's latest love, Necrophos.  They also discuss the big picture of Dota 2 statistics, the Dota 2 Reddit, and the Reddit community's occasional outlashes at stats-man Nahaz.  They also read some listener email and talk about upcoming changes to Patreon, the DotP Tourney and more in this episode of the Dota 2 Podcast.

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