Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast

BreakyCPK hosts a star-studded DotPro today featuring Synderen, Dakota "KotLGuy" Cox, and TrentPax!  First, Breaky talks Starladder with KotLGuy.  Then he discusses the newly formed team Crescendo featuring Babyknight, Xcalibur, EGM, Akke and Synderen.  Synderen then joins Breaky for a talk about Crescendo and more.  Then Breaky provides a quick rundown of roster updates before having TrentPax join him for a look at the upcoming Manilla Masters.  All this and more on the latest pro Dota 2 podcast!


KotLGuy - 26:50

Synderen - 49:09

Roster Changes - 1:10:45

TrentPax - 1:26:42

Competitive Surge - 1:45:02

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